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This is the products page of John Brock Computing Services.
If you need help on any of the hardware or software provided by me at any time in the past, please click support.
Here you will find all the relevant details regarding my services provided to clients.
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New Products

Communications hardware equipment


Software Products

Serial Data Capture
Capture data from any of Win32 serial ports. Nowadays that is Com1 to Com32. PCI or USB adapters as well as legacy Com ports. At any data rate and write it to a file or ODBC database with a time stamp.
You can download the specificationhere.

Did you need a secure Webmail system?

Not so New Products

Computer Hardware and Solutions

We still supply custom PC's to client order specific requirements.


We still repair client PC\'s that have obscure faults or just mystify their users.


In summer here in SA, I generally have to replace the power supply that has blown due to a lightning surge that came down the mains wire.


Quite often these days, I am asked to do data recovery for clients.
This usually means leaving the offending unit with me for assessment and quotation.
Fortunately the modern PC is quite resilient and reliable, so the recovery of data is reasonably economic.
However a badly damaged disk or hard disk will take a lot of time to analyse and recover data.
This can quite often put the data beyond the reach of the client. Remember to backup regularly.


[download] Backup in the 21st Century [Updated 2011-06-17] [download]

Of course if this is HR or Payroll data that SARS has asked the company for, I am your man.  Confidential data will be kept confidential.
Recovery and restoration of payroll data has been done recently for a large corporate client that had backups on 3.5" disks!
In the past, I have...

The 'Web Checker' database.

[Updated at 07 and 37 minutes past the hour.] The data shown on pages here is collected by a computer at JBCS, purely as a technical exercise and shows no favour or economic tie to that web site. The data is stored in a MySQL database on another computer for distribution to others.

Over the last six months or so (2009), it has become obvious that those sites using the 'mtnbusiness' (Neotel/MTN) network are appreciably quicker than the others using the Telkom network. If you 'Traceroute/Tracert' the lower sites on the graph, you will see that your route to the site is via the 'mtnbusiness' network. *** Your web site can be added to the list for future study.*** *** Your links can also be checked for 'breakages' automatically.*** If you wish to add your site, please email the 'chief penguin/budgie' - John Brock. [john AT-SIGN jbcs DOT co DOT za]

The Planner/Calendar

Screenshot of Planner/Calendar:

This is a screenshot of the Planner/Calendar input application, which uses a MySQL database to store events. The table on the MySQL database uses identical fields to an Outlook export to allow export/import to Outlook. The application shown here uses ODBC to communicate with the event calendar table for the West Rand Amateur Radio Club. The calendar is then rendered on their home page using PHP and an interface to MySQL.

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