Morse Transmit program

I demonstrated the transmit program at the Ham-Comp meeting in August 2010.
This 'Beacon' program was written in QuickBASIC 'a long time' ago...
It works quite well even now though. Even under Windows 98. For use under other operating systems, useDosBox.
It not only allows the user to try out various messages, it also creates an INTEL hex file for programming an EPROM.
The Morse beacon digital circuit is based upon a small EPROM being stepped through it's locations.
The data lines are used to key the transmitter circuit, frequency modulate the transmitter at 800Hz as well as send Morse as a keyed tone.
You will be able to download it as a BASIC source file later here.
I modified it recently to smooth out the rough edges before I gave it to Romeo (ZS6ARQ).

Morse Receive program

The receive program I have had working but also a long time ago.
It was written in the early days of the IBM PC by AA4L. Original program listing with comments.
So when I was planning to demonstrate it at the Ham-Comp meeting - of course it didn't work!