What components can you get out of an ATX power supply.

Well it appears that you can get a lot more useful components than those above!
Some high voltage electrolytic capacitors. 200 Volts 220 to 470 micro Farad [uF] low esr types.
A lot of Schottky diodes...
Quite a few general purpose PNP and NPN transistors.


2SA1020 PNP 1 Watt 50 Volt FT=100 MHz
C1384 NPN 1 Watt FT=200 MHz
C945 NPN FT=200 MHz
A733 PNP FT=180 MHz

Oh and that one that looks like a transistor and has AP431 on it, that is a 'precision voltage shunt regulator'.
It regulates to 2.495 Volts at better than 1% accuracy.
I am going to update this list further as I test and categorize the ones I find.
JB 2015-10-15